Extra Week: Super Special Surprise Games!



Surprise! Sort-of-games!

I know the weeks are over, but I love games so much that I’ve decided to share a collection of five abandoned games/applications that I made, but never completed, over the course of the 15 weeks. None of these are complete games, but rather a collection of short demo scenes, game environments, and conceptual gameplay tests that were intended to be part of the 15 weeks, but never got finished.

There are five in total: A bicycle racing game, a game about echolocation, a galaxy exploration game, a martian landscape, and a desert with things to explore. Each one also comes with a ReadMe text file, which contains info about the controls, how to play, and the concept behind each game, so please read those! None of these games are polished, and they are in various stages of development, but I hope you find them interesting at least. Thanks for playing!


Week 15: Immunity




Sort of Scientifically Accurate

Well, this is it! The big finale. The last hurrah. The last of the 15 weeks. (But there is more to come! Check out the bottom of this post for info.) For this big event I bring you a game about the human immune system! It’s an action strategy game, mostly in 2D with a few 3D elements. Take control of an army of white blood cells as you lead them into battle against deadly pathogens! Create neutrophils and macrophages, and have them patrol the bloodstream, fending off waves of cuts and infections! I’m not sure how well it will run on older machines, so sorry if you experience lag!

Some Words About Development

The game is based on the systems of the innate immune system, and though everything is highly simplified and many liberties were taken for the sake of gameplay, the general ideas outlined are fairly accurate, according to Wikipedia and The Khan Academy. This was an ambitious project and it took about a week of very intense work, though I’m happy to say the final product is very close to my original vision.

Some things worked out very well, like the pathfinding and herding mechanisms for the white blood cells, but some problems do still exist. For one, a problem exists where after a certain point, the player has more G-CSF proteins than they know what to do with (100+) and the game essentially turns into “create-units-as-fast-as-you-can-forever-to-survive” which ends up being more of a chore than a game. I attempted to add some upgrades which automated unit creation a bit, but the problem isn’t entirely fixed. In retrospect, I think I need to rethink the entire unit creation system and make it more scalable to larger armies. Additionally, framerates begin to suffer after a while, as more and more units are created. Despite these flaws, I think this came out better than I’d expected and I hope you enjoy it!

But wait!! It’s not over!

That’s right! Tune in next Tuesday for a special surprise! Though the 15 games are over, I still have more to show you, and more for you all to play! Stay tuned, friends.

Week 14: 5x5x3: Deluxe Edition




Levels and Colors and Stuff

The second level; resembles a sort of abstract forest.

Yes, this week instead of an entirely new game, I’ve taken Week 11‘s game, 5x5x3, and improved and added to it quite a bit! 5x5x3: Deluxe Edition, like the original, is a third-person 3D platform puzzler game which puts the player in a complex of ramps, gates, ladders and buttons. Plus it’s deluxe! The game now boasts three full levels, each more difficult than the last, and each sporting its own unique color scheme.

The first level, which remains in the game from before.

Level three, the most difficult of the three levels!

This counts as a game, right?

I know this isn’t really a new game, it’s just a fancy level-pack for my other one, but don’t worry! I have something pretty neat cooking up for the final week! Stay tuned for April 17, when this all comes to an exciting conclusion! One more to go!

Week 13: Earthworm Pursuit




Worm, Birds, and Mouse Gestures

This week I bring you all a neat little game called Earthworm Pursuit! In this week’s game, Herman the Worm is being chased by a hungry bird, and it’s up to you to push large stone blocks out of the way of Herman, so he can run/squirm away. Push each block out of the way using specific mouse gestures, such as swipes and circles. The tunnel goes on forever, and Herman gets faster and faster, so keep it up as long as you can!

While I’m releasing it today for Windows and Mac, and it’s possible to play it that way, this game is really designed for touchscreen devices. As you may find, the gestures of the game lend themselves well to a touchscreen platform.

Thoughts on the Development

Why a worm? It might or might not have something to do with it being the easiest animal to model and animate. Regardless, I think I’m getting better at animation. The bird’s head also came out better than I expected, even though you really only catch glimpses of it.

Pigeon Head; 262-triangle model and 128x128 Texture

In the end there are a lot of things I would have changed about this game, namely the visual style of the textures. I feel a more stylized look would have suited the game better. As shown in my concept sketches, like the one below, this was my intention, and I had a nice color palette picked out, but as the deadline grew closer I deviated from it and focused more on making the game work functionally. I’m happy with how this game turned out, and I think it’s fun to play, but (just like every week) there are many things I wish I could have added or changed.

Concept Sketch 1

Week 12: Star Defender




Pew pew pew!

This week I bring you a simple little shoot’em’up called Star Defender! Fly your ship down the endless space platform, blowing up turrets, and dodging mines and electric fences.

The game features a single, infinite level which is generated randomly as you fly through it. Your score is determined by the number of turrets destroyed before you explode. There were a lot more planned features in this one, such as powerups, more enemies, and boss battles, but along came midterms and spring break, and blah blah blah.

A special note: this game is vaguely inspired by a game about a goose.


Week 11: 5x5x3




Platforming happy fun time

Gameplay Video:

5x5x3 is a pretty simple 3D platforming game. Take on the role of our tall, orange-jumpsuited protagonist and run/jump/climb your way to the top without falling off! Note: don’t let the gameplay video fool you, this game is rather short.

Running around!

Click for neato animation!

The game is not long, consisting of only one level. My goal was to see what kinds of platforming puzzles could fit into a 5 by 5 by 3 grid, and this game is the result. It also features more character animation than I’m usually comfortable with. This one is certainly a candidate for later expansion into a full game; I do have potential plans for new puzzles, obstacles, themes, and even combat! For now, however, enjoy this small, one-level taste!

Week 11 (very small) Preview

Run, lanky orange man

Run cycle
I’m not a character animator at all, so any time I do animation I’m proud of I feel the need to post it.

Back in Business

In a little bit…

The first 10 weeks were quite a ride, and now after emerging from my hibernation I will be ending my hiatus starting Feb. 21, 2012 to finish this mofo! Game 11 will be released the 21st, and subsequent games will be released on a bi-weekly schedule, due to classes and such. So I’ll see you on the 21st! Stay tuned, game people. ❤

Week 10: Insanagrams




I hope you like word games!

This week I bring you a pretty cool game called Insanagrams! The object of the game is to fight enemies by solving anagrams, which, in case you are unaware, are a type of word puzzle in which the letters of a word are scrambled, and you must rearrange them. The game plays like a real-time RPG battle, where each player wears the other’s health down with attacks, except your attacks are in the form of anagrams! Right now the list of words in the game is about 200, which should be alright to play a few times without too many repeats popping up.
The game features a cast of 5 nonsensical enemy characters, beautifully hand-drawn by yours truly using classic pixel art style, which you must defeat one after the other. It gets pretty tough towards the end (the final boss), so be prepared! This game is pretty experimental in its play style, but as a dude who like word games, I think it turned out pretty neat. I hope you have fun, enjoy! Oh, and the music was provided by the always lovely Lucky Lion Studios.

Week 9: Quarto!




And we’re back!

I have a shiny new machine, and I’m back with a new(ish) game! This week I bring you Quarto! A board game which was invented by Blaise Müller in the 1980s, I think. It plays like Tic-Tac-Toe on crack, and can be kind of confusing at first. The idea is to get 4 pieces in a row which have at least one of their 4 attributes in common. The version I created pits you against an AI player, who is pretty difficult to beat. I wish I had time to add different AI difficulty levels, but for now, the AI is, uhh, really good. No sound in the game sadly, and the AI can sometimes take a few seconds to “think,” but the game should run pretty smoothly other than that. Hopefully, I’ll be back on schedule now and I won’t have to miss any more weeks. That’s all for now; enjoy!

Oh, also: the game from the week 9 preview is not cancelled, but just postponed until I get the files off my old computer, once it’s fixed!