Week 4: The Orbs Of Hexebis




The what of who?

A screenshot
First off, yeah, yeah, it’s misspelled in the banner. Anyway, it’s a few hours late, but I bring you The Orbs Of Hexebis: An action/adventure/maze game about exploring an ancient tomb full of secrets! I’ll say upfront that sadly, the random level-generation I mentioned in a previous post had to be cut from this game due to a lack of time, but to make up for it the game takes place in a huge level with numerous areas to explore.

Use an experimental third-person control system to guide our hexagonal hero through a complex system of platforms, spike pits, and evil scarab beetles, in search of the 3 magical orbs of the ancient Lord Hexebis. Track down the orbs using your tracking crystal, and place traps to kill enemies, but be careful not to fall into the black abyss below. I hope you have fun, and thanks for playing!

NOTE: I’m not sure how well this runs on machines other than mine, I haven’t had a lot of time for testing, so set the graphics settings appropriately!

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  1. This is awesome stuff – both from a creative standpoint and production; just out of curiosity – why do the downloads instead of (or perhaps in addition to) a unity web-player version?

    • Thanks! I should get around to putting up web-player versions…people have suggested it and I keep saying I will, so yeah I’ll probably start doing that soon.

  2. I also want to say, great stuff. If you continue this for 15 weeks, I’ll be in awe. Gamedevelopers will or should be running after you.

    Would love to hear what tools you’re using.

    (Found by reddit.com)

    • Thank you very much! I plan to continue the 15 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes…

      I am using Unity for development, Blender for modeling, and Photoshop for texturing.


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