Week 10: Insanagrams




I hope you like word games!

This week I bring you a pretty cool game called Insanagrams! The object of the game is to fight enemies by solving anagrams, which, in case you are unaware, are a type of word puzzle in which the letters of a word are scrambled, and you must rearrange them. The game plays like a real-time RPG battle, where each player wears the other’s health down with attacks, except your attacks are in the form of anagrams! Right now the list of words in the game is about 200, which should be alright to play a few times without too many repeats popping up.
The game features a cast of 5 nonsensical enemy characters, beautifully hand-drawn by yours truly using classic pixel art style, which you must defeat one after the other. It gets pretty tough towards the end (the final boss), so be prepared! This game is pretty experimental in its play style, but as a dude who like word games, I think it turned out pretty neat. I hope you have fun, enjoy! Oh, and the music was provided by the always lovely Lucky Lion Studios.

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  1. It’s great to see that you can maintain your speed (and quality of work) in this 15-week plan. Most people would have burnt out after a month. Keep going!


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